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Stop & Listen Vol. 1 - Selected Poems 2011 - 2013

This debut collection of free verse poetry is bold and honest and strikes a chord about certain truths of human existence. The poems have tremendous energy and clarity of perception, often creating vivid and complex pictures of lively, complicated scenes very much in the manner of great writers such as Frank O’Hara and Charles Bukowski. It is social, lyrical, and narrative poetry all at once. Technically, they combine the fluidity of free verse while feeling controlled and precise. The author’s love of jazz music and other American writers shines through the text, adding another layer of depth. The poems will surprise you in terms of form or subject matter, and the strong sense that emerges from the relationships, a crowded vivid world with all the senses on board.


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Anastasia Theodwrakopoulou

A unique collection of free verse poetry that not only touches the soul but also the heart!

Dimitrios P. Naskos

Wonderful poems! Like rolling stones!

Sofia Verginis

A wonderful collection of heart-warming poems!