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Georgios Andritsos

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Georgios Andritsos

Georgios Andritsos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He lived abroad for many years and worked as a driver, bartender, DJ, and manager in trendy bars & restaurants in Scandinavia, England, Tenerife, and Spain.

In 2007 his book, A Little More Than Just Drinks & Cocktails was recognized for its literary value, winning the first prize for best book in the world at the London Book Fair. It has been published in Norway, Sweden, France, Quebec, Spain, and Greece.

In 2010 he started attending creative writing seminars in Barcelona, continued his studies at the University of Stockholm, and received his master’s degree in creative writing from Bath Spa University in England, where he graduated with honors in 2013.

Since then, he has successfully organized creative writing seminars in Norway, England, and Spain and continues to this day in Greece. He has written a collection of poems, Stop & Listen, Volumes One & Two, and a collection of short stories, This is not America (or is it?) which is published in Greece by Angelakis Publishers and in America by Koehler Books. Lately, he has written the book, A Master Class of How to Write a Good Story and a second cocktail book Back to Basics.

He has edited and translated into the English language the literary treatise, And the Nobel Prize in Literature goes to… Bob Dylan? by Dimitrios P. Naskos published in Greece by Diavlos. The book is going to get published in the States by Koehler Books in February 2024. Now he is completing his first novel, Dark Paths.

Georgios has been interviewed by popular newspapers and magazines and featured on national radio stations.