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A Little More Than Just Drinks & Cocktails

This fun and professional book of drinks and classic cocktails isn’t a dry database of recipes - it is a gripping read which will leave you stirred but hopefully not too shaken. Mixed in with the cocktails you will find all the colorful history, anecdotes, and characters that have inspired this liquid art form. The author’s knowledge and sheer enthusiasm for his craft are catching - you will have difficulty putting this book down once you open its pages. Included are hot tips for stocking your bar, getting your parties to swing, and coping with the odd hangover, as well as step-by-step mixing guides for all the classics. Definitely, a book to keep on your bar and kitchen shelf, not just for parties but for your own fun and experiments and for those all-important romantic evenings for two.

Style Drinks & Cocktails - Know How - Culture

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