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Keep breathing


Keep breathing

pollution ignores borders
justice suffers from glaucoma
logic hangs upside down on a slack rope swinging to the way the wind blows
egotism swaggers along the streets like a four-star general  
hypocrisy has become a social persona with a Joker’s smile
promises are written on ice cubes
wishes lie face down at the bottom of fountains
state education is programmed to program us to program others into a large program of programming.
domestic violence stays domestic
war sits on pocket aces, negotiation has folded, and peace thinks to bluff her way into winning
fast food joints serve fast Sunday dinners
socialism is a dream within a nightmare
capitalism is a cyclop bleeding through his patched-up wounds      
old people, old away in old houses staring out of modern windows
tradition is an old woman sitting on a reclining chair smoking a pipe
truth lies underwater breathing through a straw
average has been elevated into excellence
fear casts its shadow on our every move.
fame is a high-class whore making you forget your mortality
money is the master and you the slave
greed grinds her teeth
grace suffers from arthritis
humanity suffers from amnesia
love is nostalgic
time is relative
death is absolute


god sits at a bar hunched over his Jack Daniels
chatting with the barkeeper.
if you don’t believe me… read it again.

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