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My unpublished novel, Dark Paths, has been a work in progress since September 2016, and a journey full of surprises and challenges. I know what you’re thinking - why has it taken you so long? Well, for one, I’m a slow writer. I enjoy building three-dimensional characters that take on a life of their own, guiding me on how to proceed. They are characters that surprise me with their choices and actions and argue with me about what should happen next. They have minds of their own, and I’m just their loyal scribe.

Over the years, and despite my economic hardships, I have given it my all in Dark Paths. My inspiration for the story came from Ernest Hemingway’s short story, The Killers, which left a deep impression on me. At the start, I envisioned writing a short story in the same vein, but to my surprise, the characters and the plot kept expanding until it became a novella, and eventually a 130,000-word novel.

I’m currently eight or nine chapters away from completing Dark Paths, and I’m excited about the outcome. It has been a journey of creative exploration and self-discovery, and I’m grateful for every step of it. I can’t wait for readers to meet my characters and immerse themselves in their world, filled with unexpected twists and turns, mystery and danger. It may have taken me a while to finish Dark Paths, but I know in my heart that it was worth the wait.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would read the first three chapters of the novel and provide me with honest feedback.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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