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Sofia Verginis

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Sofia Verginis

Sofia Verginis is an accomplished individual with an impressive list of achievements. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Lefkas, she now resides in Athens.

Sofia has worked in major bookstores in Athens for many years. Her love for literature and language has led her to earn a Certificate of Proficiency from the University of Michigan.

She has also honed her skills in proofreading and editing through various seminars and courses, becoming a trustworthy professional in the literary field. Sofia has translated and edited into the Greek language the collection of 16 short stories, This is not America (or… is it?), by the award-winning writer Georgios Andritsos. She has also edited the book Master Class on How to Write a Good Story, and two poetry collections Stop & Listen written by the same author. She has also proofread and edited the literary treatise, And the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to... Bob Dylan? by Dimitrios P. Naskos.

Sofia is also working on translating and editing the novel Dark Paths by Georgios Andritsos. Her passion for language and literature continues to inspire her, and her dedication to her craft is truly splendid. With her wealth of experience and expertise, Sofia Verginis is a true asset to the literary and educational communities.