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Master Class on How to Write a Good Story

This highly valuable and enlightening Master Class consists of nineteen chapters that combine theory with practice. Georgios Andritsos - a successful published writer and teacher in creative writing, will share with you his habits and beliefs, his skills and knowledge of the craft of writing, and much more. Through the analysis of literary devices and excerpts from stories, you will dive into the magical world of literature, understand its secrets, cultivate your imagination, and successfully write your own stories. The author has carefully selected the exercises in this book that will assist you to draw on the proper material from the environment and personal experiences to free your imagination and establish the right conditions to improve and perfect your writing skills. Every writer has a unique way of seeing the world; you are no exception. In this Master Class, you will also understand how to enhance your observation skills and the knowledge you must have to build strong three-dimensional characters that will guide you to write a good story that will stand the test of time.

Style Tutorial in Creative Writing - Educational

Digital Edition: 8.99€

Print Edition: 14.99€

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George Kapnisis

What a brilliant work! I suggest it to everyone!

Anastasia Theodwrakopoulou

If you want to learn on how to write a good story, you must buy this book. It is truly a Master Class.

Dimitrios P. Naskos

If you like literature and if you want to write your personal story, then you must read this extraordinary book.

Sofia Verginis

If you aim to become a master on writing good stories, this is your absolute guide.